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Classic ,


Our Bestseller

Classic, our flagship brand, is an easy drinking malt forward ale. It is the favorite for a reason! Caramel malt is the star in this beer, providing sweet, toffee notes and deep ruby color. A mix of American and German hop varieties contrast the malt sweetness with subtle spicy bitterness. This beer is a staple year around, apart from its drinkability the caramel character and lively carbonation pair perfectly with seared Greenlandic meats.



American Pale Ale

Brewer`s choice and another year around beer. Nittaalaq, is a refreshingly bitter pale ale. You might be wondering what Nittaalaq means! It is a Greenlandic for a single perfect snowflake, a great description for our only pale ale. Both refreshing and inviting, this beer is all about the hops. Instead of traditional dry hopping at the end of the fermentation, we have decided on an early dry hop. This allowed our house yeast to bio -transform hop aroma compounds and provided this beer with unique citrusy and fruity aroma. Light golden in colour and unfiltered, smooth in mouthfeel and a perfect pairing for any dish. Holds up its place with heavier dishes and acts as a pallet cleanser. While still not being overpowering for a delicate fish dish.



Balanced, warming. 15 IBU

In respect to historical traditions, this pale strong lager was released with the beginning of spring times celebrating new beginnings. Pale malts flavor, fulfilling body but refreshing, are the strong aspects of this beer style. Our version presents herself as a golden yellow beer focusing on balance between a fulfilling body with a high alcohol content and dry and refreshing feedback. The slightly bitter finish helps to balance the honey and sweet flavor from the malts. In short, the key word to define this style is “Balance”. To give more complexity to this beer, we also choose 3 Nobel hops from Germany, giving a refreshing and delicate aroma of herbs and flowers. We highly recommend this beer for both pork and veal meat, cheese and to celebrate new beginnings.

Red Ale,


Malt flavour and Balanced.

Red Ale,12 IBU. This Original Irish style came to life in the beginning of 1700 in the city of Kilkenny. The origin of this beer is due both to a general poverty of the nation, and as an answer to challenge the British Bitter beer style. New malting technologies allowed to obtain darker malt and caramelized malt, that also allowed the creation of the modern standard for the famous Irish Dry Stout style. In the order hand, those new malting processes were expensive, therefore when the Bitter Beer stile was getting popular in Britain, the Irish brewers had no choice to cut down the caramel malt and add roasted barley, obtaining a beer that is light and refreshing, but also with roasted flavors typical of Stout. In short, our interpretation of the Red Ale, presents herself as a red color beer with a refreshing body and a slight roasted flavor in the background. The moderate hop addition gives a nice balance to the malt sweetness. In the aroma profile we have a refreshing piney hop, added in whirlpool. Honestly good on any occasion, and best paired with fried food or meat-based dish.

Greenlandic Stout,


Dark malt flavor with herbal notes from local herbs.

18 IBU. As a base beer we follow the main Stout style with Dark malt flavors, dark brown color, and a cream foam. The peculiarity of this beer is the addition of locally harvested herbs to give a unique flavor to the beer. Fresh juniper is added to the Lautering after a cold infusion to extract the flavor without getting unwanted bitterness. Later Greenlandic Post is added in the end of boiling where his peculiar flavor is taken in the wort. This beer will present herself first with a woody and herbal aroma. In the taste the juniper will come out with a slightly dark malt flavor, and in the end the Greenlandic post marked flavor will be persistent in your mouth. The normal heavy body is balanced by the herbs addition resulting in a drinkable and refreshing dark beer. Best enjoyed with meat-based meals.

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